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Surrounded by some of the most alluring and picturesque countryside in Tuscany, the Hotel Sangallo is situated along S.S. (State Road) 146, which runs between Montepulciano and Chianciano. This area is home to the hills that are famous for their Vino Nobile and Chianti wines, and it offers a panoramic view of Lake Trasimeno and Lake Montepulciano.

Versione italiana
Deutsche version
Hotel Montepulciano
Bed & Breakfast (Siena - Toscana)
Via dei Fiori, 30
53045 S. Albino di Montepulciano
Tel. +39 0578 799095
Fax +39 0578 392141
E-mail info@albergosangallo.it
Skype sangallohotel

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Hotel Sangallo: Accommodation in Tuscany – Accommodation in near Chianti area.